Active Programmes

JIP III-18-01 Understanding Marine Mammal and/or Fish Auditory Masking 3 January 2018 9 February 2018



JIP III-17-02 Field Work/Model Tool – Low Visibility Detection Techniques 19 May 2017 16 June 2017
JIP III-16-01 Determining the Environmental Impact of Marine Vibrator Technology 2 September 2016 7 October 2016
JIP III-15-05 Marine Mammal Observer / Protected Species Observer Data Analysis 26th November 2015 22nd January 2016
JIP III-15-04 Improvements for Towed Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Technology 26th November 2015 22nd January 2016
JIP III-15-03 Long Term Fixed Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals throughout the Life Cycle of an Offshore E&P Field Development 25 March 2015 30 April 2015
JIP III-15-02 Autonomous Aerial and Marine Technology Understanding - Literature review on understanding the current state of autonomous technologies to improve/expand observation and detection of marine species 24 February 2015 3 April 2015
JIP III-15-01 Hearing Recovery in Marine Mammals Exposed to Intermittent Impulse Sounds 13 February 2015 27 March 2015
JIP III-14-03 An Expert Panel Review of Hearing Weighting Functions for Marine Mammals 30 September 2014 15 November 2014
JIP III-14-02 Comparison of low visibility real-time monitoring techniques and identification of potential areas of further development for the detection of marine mammals at sea during E&P activities offshore 30 September 2014 15 November 2014
JIP III-14-01 Establishing the Sensitivity of Fish to Seismic Activities 5 September 2014 31 October 2014

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