Research Tools

The JIP has researched and developed a range of research tools that are used to help understand the behaviour of marine mammals in their environment, this includes, but is not limited to: tags, GPS locators, and recorders. Our techniques keep evolving and we are currently examining using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to track large marine mammals. These techniques have not just helped the JIP in its studies, but also advanced general scientific knowledge of marine animals.



  • Innovation

    The Marine & Sound JIP has funded research into technologies and methods that influence the way the industry operates, such PAMGuard, PCAD, Tags, DECAF, BRAHSS and Tags

  • Tags

    Tags are essential in allowing the industry to understand marine life behaviour, habitat use, migration patterns, and reactions

  • IOGP Sound & Marine – A Quick Guide To PAMGuard

    Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) helps detection by picking up the distinctive vocalisations that some marine species produce. The work of JIP has ensure that PAM Guard has virtually replaced all previous animal detection software.

  • Research Categories

    The JIP has funded one of the most extensive industry research programmes in this field. It is divided into five categories which are complementary and designed to allow the JIP to fully understand the issue and potential impacts associated with underwater sound from E&P activities.